News from the Hen House

What can I add to the plethora of voices already screaming out in desperate desire to be noticed, to be commented upon, and to be shared on Facebook with the word “this” in the status?

Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. I have nothing new to offer.

This is pure vanity you’re dealing with here. It’s not enough for me to amuse myself with my goofiness – I need a viewer. Any viewer. Even one viewer.

That’s you, my dear.

I’ll be posting some of my old oddments: poems and parodies and prattling ponderments. I’ll have some new things to add, as the world around me continues to amaze and aggravate me. I will also share blogs from some of my favorite writers: their work inspires and moves me, and they deserve to have their words spread far and wide.

Welcome to the Hen House.