Buckle: The True Story (part one)

I have pet rocks. Started off with one, and then … you know how it is. They’re so cute you need another, and then one comes along that really needs a home, and then you think, well, what’s one more? And before you know it – you have a house full of rocks.

It all started with Buckle.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

My family and I camp near Lake Ontario, and the park guides often conduct lectures and activities. One fine Sunday morning, bright eyed and eager to learn, we trotted over to the main pavilion. The presentation focused on the geology of the area surrounding the lake, and our helpful instructor passed around samples of sandstone, shale, and limestone for us to see close up, and feel. After the lecture, our hosts brought out the fun stuff: plastic containers filled with rocks, paint, stickers, google eyes, glitter, and feathers.

What guided my hand as I reached in and pulled out the rock who would be a member of the family by the afternoon? I attached his eyeballs, and he looked up at me with a hopeful expression. Sensing his need for uniqueness and color, I rummaged through the craft supplies until my fingers closed upon exactly what I knew he wanted: three perfect purple feathers. Before the glue even dried I could sense his delight.

His name was Buckle. And he was ready to come home.

Will Buckle adjust to life away from the lake? How will the other pets greet him? Is he even house-broken? We answer these questions and more in “Buckle: The True Story (part two)“!





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