Buckle: The True Story (part three)

Part Three

Something was clearly missing from Buckle’s life.

He began to spend long hours staring out the window, sighing occasionally. He added old Air Supply songs to his iPod. He nicked all my Jane Austen books.

11059869_10207478955002469_1645667807488650273_n (2)

We brought home other rocks from the lake, some painted, some plain. Buckle always enjoyed socializing with them, reminiscing about their days on the shore. Soon it became obvious that one of these rocks stood apart from the rest. One rainy afternoon, Buckle rummaged through my craft supplies, and brought me a set of google eyes and some glue. I set to work, while Buckle paced nervously back and forth on the table. The minute they were secure, Buckle gazed anxiously into her eyes. Was this the wee nugget of his dreams?

Pat looked all around in amazement. She glanced down at the craft supplies scattered across the table, and her gaze fixed upon a spool of pink ribbon. In short order, she was gussied up and ready to meet her new friend.

11999023_10207656194473345_3897629766563030966_n (2)

It was a magic moment. They were made for each other.

Buckle was enchanted with Pat. His eyes glowed whenever he looked at her. Pat was quite overwhelmed by her new surroundings, and relied on Buckle’s comfort and reassurance. There was so much to learn, and she was lucky to have such a devoted companion. Neither would ever be lonely again.

Will the course of true love run smooth, or are they in for a rocky road? Will Pat share Buckle’s interests in baking, music, and ancient Mesopotamian texts and architecture? Find out soon, in “Buckle: the True Story (part four)”!

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