Buckle: The True Story (part four)

Buckle’s love for Pat was plain. He was determined to make her adjustment to life among the squishy people pleasant and trouble-free.

Pat has a very different temperament than Buckle, though. She is not one to throw herself into an activity. She has to ease into things slowly.

Buckle had her playing Rock Band right away. Pat has a soft, tremulous voice which … well, it’s hard to say it, but she really isn’t a very good singer at all. Buckle does not mind one bit. He smiles as she warbles along to his favorite David Bowie songs. When she sat down on the guitar, though – that’s when Pat shone. She has a natural sense of rhythm and tremendous enthusiasm. Together they are unbeatable.


Buckle taught Pat how to crochet. He loves making little hats for himself. Pat tried her best. She had a difficult time. I came home one day to find her wandering around inside a skein of yarn. She went in looking for the free end and couldn’t find her way out. She did get the hang of it eventually. She crocheted Buckle a gorgeous scarf in his favorite colors. Buckle made her a cute pair of pink slipper socks, with sequins for some razz-ma-tazz. She loves them, and looks at them every day, since she has no feet.

Buckle has been very patient. He spoke up and asked for a car seat for Pat so she could go travelling with us. He taught her how to do eyeball stands (so now I yell at both of them.) He got her hooked on watching “Barbie: Life in the Dream House.” Pat gives Buckle purpose, and Buckle gives Pat a sense of peace and belonging. They both give me something to think about, every day.


Up next: Will our happy couple find more interests and hobbies to share? Will Buckle’s increased confidence lead him to trouble? Will Pat ever find her way out of my yarn box? You know where to find the answers!

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