Buckle and Pat: the True Story (part seven)


Whenever my youngest is gone, whether to a buddy’s house for a sleepover, or a weekend at Grandma’s, I frequently find Pat or Buckle rummaging around in her room. I’ve caught them in the Barbie car, playing hide and seek in the cupboards of the play kitchen, and taking naps on her Princess blanket. They are just fascinated by her things.

He looks just like his TimBit.

Buckle found her Princess camera the other day, and undertook a new hobby.

He did some online reading about rock photography, while munching a snack.



I could have taught him a thing or two – I do have some experience in the field myself. Well, if not in the field, at least on my dining room table.

Oh, for crying out loud.


Pat was eager to help Buckle practice. She is the perfect subject for Buckle to try out his new camera. She can sit still for hours at a time.



That’s her favorite hat.



Fashion photography didn’t go much better.



Once Buckle sets his mind on something, though, he is as unmovable as a granite mountain. We did some more online searching for famous photographers he could learn from. I steered him away from the Mapplethorpe, and directed him toward Annie Leibovitz and Anne Geddes. His coffee table book should be ready for publishing soon.

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