Pat and Buckle: the True Story (part eight)

We are a music loving family. The local classical station is always on, and my sons play clarinet, keyboard, guitar, and ukulele. It’s no wonder we can’t keep Buckle and Pat away from the instruments in the house. They started with the plastic recorder in the toy room. That hurt my ears, so they moved onto the set of bongos. That worked out fairly well, as they could each sit on one drum and bounce. They were envious of the boys, though, and it wasn’t long before Pat and Buckle had appropriated their instruments, and were practicing just as hard as my sons.

My son’s band teacher stresses proper embouchure, but it’s far more difficult when you lack lips.

They talk of putting a band together. Pat can play both rhythm and lead guitar, and ukulele solos whenever they come up. Buckle is augmenting his clarinet with some light saxophone. (It has to be light or else he can’t lift it.)  They advertised for a bass player. Some fellow named Roger called, but his vision for an album didn’t quite mesh with theirs.

The teamwork is admirable, but they can only play bar chords.

If you’re interested in jamming, stop on over. We still need a drummer.

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