Pat and Buckle: the True Story (part ten)

Love is in the air. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary last week, and in the excitement, I have neglected to relate a very important event in the lives of our favorite rocks.

On Valentine’s Day, Buckle and Pat made the decision to marry one another. Buckle gave Pat a beautiful ring. (Which looked strangely familiar, and similar to one missing from my jewelry box, but never mind that. It’s hard for him to get the the mall.)

Since then, the house has been abuzz with plans. They want the ceremony to take place at Lake Ontario, so all their friends back home can come. They have been making lists of the preparations needed.

Got the basics covered. Does anyone know a good caterer?

The search for the perfect wedding gown is already proving a challenge.

It’s cute how they share my reading glasses. Chain made by

 Pat looked at dresses specially designed for the petite bride, but even they won’t withstand all the alterations necessary. I have been commissioned to design and sew the dress and veil. I’m a fair seamstress; I think I can rise to Pat’s expectations. She isn’t the type to go all Bride-zilla on me.


Buckle is having a harder time trying to rent a tuxedo.


Buckle and Pat: the True Story (part nine)


It is truly a joy to have pet rocks in the house. They have so many advantages over conventional pets, such as cats or porcupines.

They have never wandered far from home. They made it to the bus stop on the corner, but Buckle couldn’t get up the bottom step of the 6A downtown.

They never rip apart my belongings, and they have never ruined a rug. Pat did borrow my favorite flowered scarf and forgot to return it, though.

They don’t get all excited and race from one end of the house to another.

Not on foot, anyway.

They never bite anyone. I found Pat on the internet researching poisons, but she assures me it’s just for the book she’s writing.

It’s true that sometimes we have had to help them out of a precarious situation, but doesn’t every pet owner have to do things like this?

We keep a stepladder handy.

Yes, in spite of the loud parties, and Pat eating all of my popcorn when we went to see “The Force Awakens,” and them skateboarding through the house, and using sharp knives without permission, and Pat spilling water all over the dining room table after she was TOLD to leave the glass alone, and borrowing my phone all the time, and Buckle watching Netflix until four in the morning, and them eating an entire bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and being sick all night, and Buckle drinking my last beer, and the two of them cheating at Monopoly …

I forgot where I was going with that.