Pat and Buckle: the True Story (part 12)

Patricia is the ambitious sort of rock, who takes on every new endeavor with gusto. There are few things she won’t try, and she strives to excel at all of them.

Cooking is a fine example. She went from toast to cookie dough to rotisserie chicken in no time. She watches cooking shows while she works out. She installed recipe apps on my tablet. She adds ingredients to my grocery list. (She is fortunate I can read her writing; others might be puzzled over what “weeet flr” and “wpt crmm” mean.)

She just loves the bread machine. It’s like a carnival ride when it shifts into “knead” mode.

She does face challenges not encountered by the casual human chef. While making meatballs, she rolled herself up inside one by accident. I had to go through and poke each meatball, and listen for the one that said “ouch”.

Enchiladas created similar difficulties. Luckily I spotted the lump in one the tortillas before they went into the oven.

She also faces endless jokes about making “stone soup.” Don’t go there. It isn’t funny any more.

She even helps with the washing up, ever vigilant to keep her eyeballs dry, lest they fall off.

Let us know when you’re in the neighborhood, and Pat will rustle up a meal for you that you’ll remember all your life.



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