About the Hen …

ChickynJane  has been writing all her life, though in her diapered days, her choice of medium was dubious. She began scribbling her name on the walls of the boys bathroom in first grade, and quickly progressed to humorous limericks, and a senior thesis on why John Taylor was the hottest member of Duran Duran. Once her children began arriving, she rarely had time to write more than a single word on a scrap of paper with a broken crayon, but now that they are old enough to be locked in their bedrooms for lengthier amounts of time, she has loftier goals. In her spare minute each day, she writes short stories, poems, and parodies. She joined the Sunday Stew Chefs in 2013, and The Samhain’s Sirens in 2014. She is a member Alliteratives Anonymous, though her efforts in that endeavor have been lamentably lackadaisical, and frankly fruitless. Chicky sews, crochets, and is allowed to use big girl scissors. She has been a pagan since high school, a Chicky since 1989, and a sarcastic snot since the egg split. She worships the earth, finding the location convenient. She lives in Buffalo, with the most gorgeous man in the universe, four children, two cats, five guinea pigs, and a chihuahua named Biscuit, who wisely keeps her opinions to herself.

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