Buckle and Pat: the True Story (part six)

While Buckle is perfectly content to share his life with just Pat and the family, Pat has some other interests.

Pat loves geology, and spends a great deal of time learning more about the rock culture she comes from. She is particularly fascinated by the Great Lakes, which gave her birth, after all. She likes to take trips back to Lake Ontario when she can, and she has some requests for this summer’s camping trips. When we head back to the lake, Pat will be sitting on the dashboard, eager for that first glimpse of shimmering blue on the horizon.

                     Late night rave.                           I have no idea where Pat got that crown.

Pat also loves animals. She enjoys snuggling with my dog, playing with the cats, and chatting with our gecko, Link. Sometimes they gather up some friends and have a party. The Napkin Crocodile, and a pony or two will stop over to play dominoes or Cards Against Humanity. It can get rather boisterous.

When she inquired about my dog, Biscuit, I told her that Biscuit had been adopted from a shelter. That set her thinking. There must be so many rocks in need of a home. She was grateful to have a family, but what about the thousands – perhaps millions –  of rocks that didn’t? Pat determined to find a rock in need, and make it her own.

It didn’t take long for her to find him. He clearly needed looking after, and Pat’s heart melted when she saw him. She named him “Rocky” (not much of an imagination has Pat) and made him a little leash and collar.   

Some might have seen only his flaws, but Pat saw the love in his eyes.

She even put a bell on the collar in case he runs away. Pat is dedicated to caring for Rocky. As soon as she hears his familiar, “boof! boof!” she goes running to check on him.

Buckle shakes his head; he is not a pet lover. He thinks it’s very silly how Pat fusses – it’s a rock, for crying out loud! But I have noticed it doesn’t stop him from taking the leash when Pat needs a break.

I am also pretty sure I heard Buckle singing one of his little songs to Rocky just this morning.

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